10.6.2015 Our N-litters little “blog” is coming to it’s end. During the last and this week the puppies have been moving in to their new homes and hava had a great start. First one to leave the nest was our co-owned puppy girl Elle, Cheantake No Limit For Lodents who moved in to Lotta’s and Pasi’s team, next was Nikita, Cheantake No Regrets who moved close to us to Disa & Sami, then was time for Kapu, Cheantake New Edition to move also close to us to Turku. Nilla, Cheantake No Control moved to the beautifull island of Åland to Kerstin and Jan. Yesterday Nora took the little charmer Cato, Cheantake New Release to the Helsinki airport to move in to his new home in Denmark to Helle’s pack. Macy, Cheantake No Control At Axcium will stay with us still for few weeks. We would like to wish you all luck with your Cheantake-puppy and wellcome to the gang!

20.5.2015  Time flies, and the puppies and growing developing fast. We went to visit Disa & Sami, where one of the puppies will move in few weeks. All of the puppies are great and outgoing, they started to explore the places right away and started to play. Thank you Disa & Sami for letting us come! Special thanks to Sami for the photos!

10.5.2015 Puppies turned 4 weeks on thursday and they are getting on full speed. The weather has been good to us, so the puppies have been visiting outdoors several times.


1.5.2015 N-puppies are already 3 weeks old. Now they are practising walking and playing and even the first minced meat dish has been tastes and yummy that was good!

3 weeks


The little ones are now 2 weeks old. Their eyes have opened and soon also the hearing is on its way. The milkbar is open whenever needed and we are delighted to see how well and evenly the whole litter grows. Now the developent speeds up, really looking forward to see them on their feet soon!

2 weeks


N-litter is now one week old. They are growing really well, yesterday four of them doubled their weight and today will the rest two follow up. Ztella is an excellent mother, we are so pleased with her and happy to be useless and just follow her taking care of her pups!

1 week


Our N-litter literally saw the daylight on thursday 9th of April. It is quite common that bitches start the delivery during the night, but Ztella decided to be fast and the first puppy was born around 13:30 thursday afternoon. Ztella gave birth to two males and four females and they all seem to be full of life and started to gain weight well. Ztella is showing us that she is a good mother and taking excellent care of the little ones.

n-pentue 2


Ztella’s, Axcium’s Exellenzia litter is due around 9.4.2015. Everything is now ready for Ztella’s delivery, and we are really looking forward to see the little miracles. More about the upcoming litter on Puppies-page!

010415 ztella belly