Getting back to normal bit by bit and we felt that it would nice to spend some time with the two last litter puppies i´ve had. We were expecting for a nice sunny day in my garden but what we got is a finnish summer with rain, but fun we surely had! 🙂 Some nice chats, coffee and bakery and ofcourse the dogs got to play with eachother. Some effort for the breed aswell, Raisa, Minja, Cara, Lily and Frank gave their share for the gene-testing.

It was not the easiest task to get the whole crew in one photo, but we managed somehow 😀 Thank you families Cara, Lily, Siiri, Väinö and Frank, and of course to my dream team Marita, mommy-Vici, grandmommy-Ninja and Johanna, Daddy-Linus, granddaddy-Lennifor the lovely day <3.