“home city” show for the second time this summer ja again we swiped the table rather well. My sincere thanks to the best team who made it possible. Thank you Teea, Laura and Petteri, you are the best <3. Our 11 month old juniors made a clean sweep by taking the first palces both in males and in females, i just love these two dogs to pieces! Thank you Ida for letting Väinö join us this weekend <3

Leo, Cheantake Zinging Bullet JUN EXC 2 CQ, BM-4
Väinö, Cheantake Åh My Gosh JUN EXC1 CQ, JUN-CAC, BOS-JUN, BM-1 CAC, BOS
Olga, Cheantake Åh Cha Cha JUN EXC1 CQ, BOB-JUN, BB-1, BOB
Gyda, Cheantake Zillion Dollar Zing INTERM EXC1 CQ, BB-2
Cheantake  Breeders group  BOB