It was a looong drive to Lappeenranta, but luckily i was able to sleep over at Eeva’s in Kouvola and continued from there in the morning to Lappeenranta with Kapu. We were showing the sisters  Kapu, Cheantake New Edition and Elle, Cheantake No Limit For Lodents who had their 2 years birthday last weekend and it couldn’t gone any better; Kapu BM-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Elle BB-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB! Both of them finished their Finnish Champion tittles on the first attempt and Kapu made our on record by finishing up by shown only 4 shows in total. Elle was showing perfectly in the group and was shortlisted amongst the best 5, not yet a placement, bt i’m sure that day will come ;).

A big thank you to Eeva & co. for your hospitality! Thank you Minna and Kimmo and Lotta for raising up your dogs as wellbehaving youngsters and special thanks to Lotta for all the training, grooming and handling of Elle!