December 2015

30.12.15 Puppyplayschool

We have been visiting Tuijan Koirakoulu for few times now to take part in a puppyplayschool, so the O-pups would have a chance to meet other pups in other breeds. This time there was 4 out of 5 of our pups. Helmi, Minja, Jaska ja Rocky got a … Read more

8.12.2015 O-litter “blogg”

8.12.2015 It has been busy days and not too many updates here unfotunately. It has been time for two of our pups to move to their new homes. Jaska, Cheantake One Man Show and Poju, Cheantake On The Road have … Read more

7.12.2015 Niilo, Cheantake Got That Groove

Niilo is turning 5 years old today and there by he will be Jaana’s and Erik’s own dog. Thank you for the past 5 years co-operation, it has been a pleasure and it will continue like that! 🙂 … Read more

6.12.2015 Winner-15, Helsinki

On sunday we continued with the same crew as on sunday. Zalama, Cheantake Last Man Standing CHMAP EXC4 CQ, Niilo, Cheantake Got That Groove CHAMP EXC, Ranja, Cheantake Like Million Dollars OPEN EXC1 CQ and … Read more

5.12.2015 Helsinki Winner-15

The last show weekend for the year. We had four dogs in the ring, Zalama, FI CH Cheantake Last Man Standing CHAMP EXC4 CQ, Niilo, FI, SE & EE CH, JWW-12 Cheantake Got That Groove CHAMP EXC3 CQ … Read more