July 2023

30.7.2023 Pori INT

Sunny day in Pori with three dogs, and the day couldn’t been too much better! In males we showed Frank, Frank Sinatra Blue Bricassart CHAMP EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CACIB, BOS and in bitches Olga, Cheantake Åh Cha Cha JUN EXC1 CQ, JUN-CAC, BOB-JUN, BB-2, new Finnish … Read more

22.7.2023 Västerås INT, Sweden

As always, the more you get, the more you want. Gyda had two junir CACB´s, so of course we came up with one more trip abroad this summer… Anna got excited aswell and so we planned a quick trip to Sweden, to Västerås INT and the trip could not gone … Read more

02.07.2023 Turku INT

When you have the best possible team with you, what can you excpect? Well, an absolutely fabulous day of course!! Turku INT results for us: Leo, Cheantake Zinging Bullet JUN EXC1 CQ, JUN-CAC, BOB JUN, BM-4, CAC, BIS-3 JUNIOR Frank, Frank Sinatra Blue Bricassart CHAMP EXC1 CQ, BM-1, CACIB, BOB … Read more