18.10.2022 Å-puppies soon 7 weeks

Time is flying like crazy and the little Å-puppies are soon starting to fly from the home nest. Today they were examined by the vet and all got prima papers. These guys will be known as C. Åh My Goodnes, C. Åh My Gosh, C. Åh My Lord, … Read more

23.9.2022 Youngsters groomed

Our youngsters from our Z-litter are starting look a bit like adults, and how pretty they are <3. They have now also their own pages here on our websites! Let me introduce you Gyda, Cheantake Zillion Dollar Zing, Otso, Cheantake Zero Tolerance and Leo, Cheantake Zinging Bullet! … Read more

5.9.2022 Kennelclub is rewarding merited breeders

Since 1979 Finnish Kennel Club has been awarding breeders who have worked hard for their breeding programmes. Cheantake Miniature schnauzers has been awarded this year and we will be handed out the award in december during the winner shows in Helsinki. We … Read more

06.0.2022 Puppies expected!

Summer has been busy, so lazy with updates here, but now we have some exciting news! Å-litter is on its-s way and due ca. 8.9.2022. Mother of the litter will be Milli, Cheantake Truly Madly Deeply and father Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle. More information on the litter … Read more

8.3.2022 Z-litter

Z-litter was born on 6.3.2022 and the mom and the babies are doing fine at the moment! Puppies are tentatively found good homes <3 We´ll update “the puppy blog” occasionally 🙂 … Read more

4-6.3.2022 Lithuania x3

Gorgeous Ranja, Cheantake Like Million Dollars went to conquer the Lithuania as a veteran; and it was a success! She is now brand new Lithuanian Veteran Champion and Lithuanian Veteran Winner-22! Ranja is like a good wine, gets just better and better by the age <3 Thank … Read more

28.2.22 Countdown starting!

We are getting ready for  Raisa’s, Cheantake Razzmatazz delivery. Yesterday we revealed her baby belly and she got a bath and her furnishing were clipped to a more practical style for the motherhood. Bedroom and the whelping box are also now ready to take off!<3 … Read more

02.02.2022 Litter expected!

Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz is currently pregnant and we are hoping to see  little Cheantake-peppers to be born, due ca. 6.3.2022! More information on Puppies-page! … Read more

17.1.2022 New photo of Frank

Our pretty polish boy Frank Sinatra Blue Bricassart has been starting his show career, but since Korona we haven’t yet really been on the run. Here’s the latest photo of him 🙂 … Read more