13.09.20 Welcome Frank!

He is finally here! Welcome to the Team Cheantake little Frank, Frank Sinatra Blue Bricassart! Frank will be living with the Levola family and Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle. Thank you Natalia and Laryssa for this charming little man, we can´t wait to see what he will turn out to … Read more

8.9.2020 Puppies expected!

Vici´s, Cheantake Totally Twisted pregnancy has been confirmed and we are expecting. a litter to be born 16.10.2020. Unfortunately Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion seems to be empty, checking her again with ultrasound on 11.9.2020. More info about the litter will be found on Puppies-page! … Read more

15.8.2020 Puppyplans

Summer is turning to an autumn bit by bit and my girls came in season over a month later than i was expecting. Well, now two the girls have been bred and we are hopefully excpecting puppies to be born in October.  Read more from Puppies-page! … Read more

01.03.2020 V-litter blogg

01.03.2020 The waiting is always nerveracking even though i have delivered some litters to the World during the years. Well, everything seems to be fine here, the mom is resting and the puppies are moving, so nothing else we can do than just wait! … Read more

07.02.2020 Puppies expected

Minjan, Cheantake One In A Million tummy has started to grow nicely, so we are waiting for a salt & pepper litter to be born around 29.2.2020. Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion is unfortunately not excpecting any puppies, so only one litter coming up this spring. More … Read more

07.01.2019 Hoping for puppies!

Minja, Cheantake One In A Million and Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion has bith been bred and we are hoping for two litters to be born aprox. 29.2.2020! More information about the litters on Puppies-page! … Read more

27.10.2019 Leuven INT, Belgia

Our danish boy Cato, Cheantake New Release visited Leuven, Belgium with his mommy Helle The trip was all worth it, Cato ended up being BOB and with this result he finished his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION-tittle! Huge congrats and a big thank you Helle! … Read more