07.07.2018 Pärnu INT, Estonia

Johanna and Jaakko travelled to the sunny Pärnu with Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz and Linus, Cheantake Secret Millionaire. The trip was a success in every way Reissu; on saturday breedspecialist Paul Scanlonin valued Linus to BM-1, CACIB, BOS and Raisa BB-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB! On sunday Raisa had  day … Read more

21.01.2019 Turku Winter Dog Show

This show year was started with the home show. This was really a day for our youngsters, Siiri and Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle superbly JUN EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CAC, BOB!!! Linus, Cheantake Secret Millionaire JUN EXC1 and Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz JUN EXC1 CQ, BB-3. In bs i had … Read more

12.11.2017 World Dog Show 2017

We have been pretty actively showing this year and we also decided to participtae to the main even of the year. Males judged by Rui Olivieira, Portugal, Linus, Cheantake Secret Millionaire JUN EXC and Lore, Cheantake Just Like Montague CHAMP EXC. The bitches were judged by … Read more

08.01.2018 We have puppies!

Ztella gave birth to 2 boys and 5 girls on the 1st of january! Ztella is a supermom as earlier and the little ones are growing well. 11.12.2017 Puppies expected!! Due to some IT-problems we haven’t been able to update our website, but now it seems the problem has solved! … Read more

8.10.2017 New International Champion!

Teija and Kari travelled with Morris, Cheantake Kick’N Run to Norway, Harstad, hunting for the last CACIB. Well, iMorris quoite didn’t make it to the first spot, but a respectable BM-3 with res-CACIB. The luck was afterall on our side, since the winning male is already a confirmed CIB and the … Read more

12.9.2017 Charming Elsa!

Elsa, Cheantake Ringside Rumour popped by to be groomed. She has been stripped and groomed last time two months ago and again she was ready for a full grooming, and underneath was a perfect coat straight ready for shows. Thank you Kirsti for doing such a superb job … Read more

10.09.2017 Porvoo KR

We headed to Porvoo with four dogs, hoping to show a breeders group aswell. Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle nicelt to  JUN EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CAC, BOS and now also Milo got his CC-account opened! In bitches Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz JUN EXC1 CQ, BB-3 CAC, Ranja, Cheantake Milllion Dollars is in fabulous … Read more

12.08.2017 T-litter meeting

It was wonderfull to get the whole T-litter with their parents for a playtime meeting in to our backyard. The rainy weather was not much of an obstacle for the crew, they were enjoying their little hearts and souls out! Very happy and outgoing babies whose caots are starting to … Read more

09.08.2017 Dino, Cheantake Silver Dragon

Dino, Cheantake Silver Dragon came to be prepared for his first show. Dino is a charming, beautifully conformated young man, we are looking foreward to see how his show career will be. Thank you Minna for Dino’s daily care and training, he is in wonderful condition, big beautifull muscles! <3 … Read more

30.07.2017 Pori INT

On sunday we continued in hot Pori. We got even a few rain drops but in general it was pretty warm for the dogs. Resultwise we had a stunning day as on saturday, today Jaska, Cheantake One  Man Show INTERM EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CAC, CACIB, BOS. In bitches our … Read more