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25.1.2021 Puppyplans!

This years plans are soon becoming relevant, Milli has been already bred and Minja has come in season. So exciting days ahead! Information on Puppies-page already and more will be updated soon! … Read more

21.10.20 W-litter “blog” !

Puppies are one week old and they are doing great! Vici is being a great mom and the puppies are fat and quiet, then you know everything i well <3 16.10.2020 We have puppies! Vici´s and Linus´s babies are born on the 14th of October. Everything seems to be well … Read more

8.9.2020 Puppies expected!

Vici´s, Cheantake Totally Twisted pregnancy has been confirmed and we are expecting. a litter to be born 16.10.2020. Unfortunately Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion seems to be empty, checking her again with ultrasound on 11.9.2020. More info about the litter will be found on Puppies-page! … Read more

15.8.2020 Puppyplans

Summer is turning to an autumn bit by bit and my girls came in season over a month later than i was expecting. Well, now two the girls have been bred and we are hopefully excpecting puppies to be born in October.  Read more from Puppies-page! … Read more

01.03.2020 V-litter blogg

01.03.2020 The waiting is always nerveracking even though i have delivered some litters to the World during the years. Well, everything seems to be fine here, the mom is resting and the puppies are moving, so nothing else we can do than just wait! … Read more

08.07.2019 We are hoping for a litter!

After a one a half year break we are hoping to see new Cheantake-puppies to be born! Minja, Cheantake One In A Million on astutettu Kennedyllä, Destineez High Hopes ja mahdollisen pentueen arvioitu syntymäaika on n. 26.8.2019. Lisää tietoa pentueesta Pentuja-sivulla! … Read more

21.01.2019 Turku Winter Dog Show

This show year was started with the home show. This was really a day for our youngsters, Siiri and Milo, Cheantake Razzledazzle superbly JUN EXC1 CQ, BM-1 CAC, BOB!!! Linus, Cheantake Secret Millionaire JUN EXC1 and Raisa, Cheantake Razzmatazz JUN EXC1 CQ, BB-3. In bs i had … Read more

22.06.2017 The northern lads visiting south

Morris, Cheantake Kick’N Run  and  Milos, Cheantake Silver Dollar came all the way from Oulu for a showgrooming and what a handsome lads they turned out. Mister Milos got to be a photo model. and what a handsome and promissing young lad he is! Thank you Teija and Kari … Read more