Our dogs

Terttu is the only one in her litter. Terttu growed out to be little lady with lots of temperament and speed. This little girl managed to wrap her owners around her paws in no time with her outstanding temperament. We were so much looking forward to see what the future would offer for us with her and we were already so proud of her. The destiny decided something else and took away our girl way too soon. There’s no words to describe this pain and sorrow.


Such a lonely day
Should be banned
It’s a day that I can’t stand

Such a lonely day
Shouldn’t exist
It’s a day that I’ll never miss

Such a lonely day And it’s mine
The most loneliest day of my life

And if you go I wanna go with you
And if you die I wanna die with you

Take your hand
And walk away

The most loneliest day of my life