Kennel Cheantake is a small kennel in Raisio, nearby Turku in Finland. Since year 2000 the miniatureschnauzer has been a part of our daily lifes. We wanted to have a small and active dog as a friend to our labradorretriever. We ended up having a miniatureschnauzer, and this breed has been everything and more than we ever expected it to be. A big dog in a small package, full of energy, tireless and a happy breed.  Our dogs are the members of our family and they live as happy beloved pets in our household, they are active and love everything from agility to tracking and shows.

First of all, we are not a commercial kind of breeders, our breeding is very small scale and all our litters are carefully planned. Our aim is to breed dogs such are healthy, balanced and sound and miniatureschnauzers by their nature. We are going rather for quality than quantity! Under prefix Cheantake has been bred a few siberian husky-litters by Markku’s parents. We have had the prefix from 2005 and we wanted to respect the memory of CHeri, ANori, TAkla and KEnai and start our breeding with the same prefix.

We give a lot of attention to socialising our puppies, and we aim to give the best possible base for the puppy to grow up to be a balanced adult dog. Despite our hard work, the new owner is in the key position how the puppy will grow out to be. A small puppy is the cutest thing in the world but it needs a lot of work form the new owner to grow up their puppy in to a socialized adult dog.

Miniature schnauzer needs special and constant coat caring. We provide our puppies with the best possible grooming care and give individual instructions and guidance to our puppy owners, so they can take care of their dogs in the best possible ways. Cheantake-puppies are included with our lifetime support. Our interest towards dogs bred by us is not ending when the dog has moved to its new home, we support, mentor and help our puppy owners in every situation.

Welcome to visit our dogs in to our homepages! Don’t hesitate to contact if you want to know more about our dogs or the breed! Enjoy!