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Pedigree of the litter in KoiraNet

We have bred with Kapu and we expecting this litter born ca. 24.4.2023. Vici´s pregnancy has been confirmed on ultrasound and we are expecting a middle sized litter. Vici is a very social and pleasant bitch who is very active in agility. Vici is the mother of our W-litter and we are extremely happy with them. Kapu is almost 8 years old handsome male who is also supersocial and easygoing dog. Both parents have been thoroughly healthy all of their lives. This litter will be raised in Nokia, under Marita’s guarding eyes and we are hoping to find active homes for these puppies. Vici has been genetested with the miniature schnauzer genet-packet and also x-rayed thorougly due to her agility hobby, both parents have healthy eyes examined in -23.  Contacts about this litter directly to Marita, marita.yliknuussi@gmail.com/ +358408357011


CIB, FI, NO & EE CH, RIGAJW-17, JW-17, HeJW-17 Cheantake Razzmatazz

We are planning to breed Raisa from her june-23 season. raisa is a very social and lively bitch who loves to get all the attention in the world. She is the mother of heathkeepers- and Cheantake Z-litters and we are so pleased what she has produced that we want to look at this third and last time what she would produce us and for the breed. Raisa has been genetested with the miniauture schnauzer genepacket and she also has healthy heart, knees and eyes. We are hoping to find active ownes for these puppies aswell. More details on this litter will be announced after a succesfull mating.

Read here an article “puppy buyers etiquette”

Inquiries by phone +35840 5367088/ Nora or by email