01.03.2020 V-litter blogg

01.03.2020 The waiting is always nerveracking even though i have delivered some litters to the World during the years. Well, everything seems to be fine here, the mom is resting and the puppies are moving, so nothing else we can do than just wait! … Read more

07.02.2020 Puppies expected

Minjan, Cheantake One In A Million tummy has started to grow nicely, so we are waiting for a salt & pepper litter to be born around 29.2.2020. Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion is unfortunately not excpecting any puppies, so only one litter coming up this spring. More … Read more

07.01.2019 Hoping for puppies!

Minja, Cheantake One In A Million and Manna, Cheantake Secret Passion has bith been bred and we are hoping for two litters to be born aprox. 29.2.2020! More information about the litters on Puppies-page! … Read more

05.08.2019 Puppyplans

Unfortunately we will not have any puppies this autumn, but we are heading our thoughts already to the spring. Minja will be bred again from the next season! We are Still under construction with choosing a bit younger male for her, but we`ll update the plans here as soon as … Read more

08.01.2018 We have puppies!

Ztella gave birth to 2 boys and 5 girls on the 1st of january! Ztella is a supermom as earlier and the little ones are growing well. 11.12.2017 Puppies expected!! Due to some IT-problems we haven’t been able to update our website, but now it seems the problem has solved! … Read more

13.4.2017 Puppies expected!

Our wish about the summer-litter is coming true, Ninja is heavily pregnant, so we are expecting a litter to be born in mid May. More information about the litter on Puppies-page! … Read more

26.12.2016 S-litter greetings!

Two weeks full and finally also the last lazy one has opened her eyes, can’t wait to see them start developing. 19.12.2016 The lovely chunky S’s are one week old, they have been very active on the milkbar and it shows on their figures … Read more

22.05.2016 P- and Q- litter meeting

We spent a wonderfull afternoon together with P-litter Vili, Manta, Pinja and Q-litter Sani and their families. Nemo was of course in the games :). A lot of speeding around our backyard when the whole gang was playing together. Thank you Disa, Jaana & Siiri, Katja & family and and Sirkku for the wonderfull … Read more