Winner Show

10-11.12.2016 Helsinki Winner-16 and Winner-16

The show year had it’s closure at the Helsinki Fair Center at the Helsinki Winner-16 and Winner-16 shows. On saturday we started with the Helsinki Winner under Calin Margineau. Nemo, Cheantake Quite A Whisky had a nice debute with JUN EXC3 and Lore, … Read more

3-5.6.2016 Three shows in Tallinn, Estonia

Elle, Cheantake No Limits For Lodents travelled to Estonia to participate three shows in one weeked, the trip could not have gone much better. On friday’s groupshow  JUN EXC1, JUN-CAC, BB-1, BOB! On saturday at the Estonian Winner Show  JUN EXC1, JUN-CAC, BOB-JUN, BB-1, BOB!! … Read more